Fidelis Joseph

The intention of my work is to build a strong framework that fuses my direct and indirect life experience in northern Nigeria and the everyday information I collected from news media, in constant exploration of the profundity of the human condition. The mind contains a wealth of information, and my interest is to find, through artistic media, to set forth fragments of events, of scenes that I have encountered. Such as walking and living around Obalende, Lagos and feeding off every-day hassle of a diverse community.  

In the depth of my visuality is a treasure trove of the sublimity of African storytelling. There are nuances which are an ode to childhood stories passed on from my grandmother, the surrealism of some African folktales such as Amos Tutuola, and the mythological conceit of Chigozie Obioma, Wole Soyinka, Ben Okri, J.P Clark, among other African writers. Alongside are western writers such as Dan Brown. My interest in fiction contributes to my visual vernacular.  
With each piece of art I make, I intend to capture a subject matter that surfaces through the exploration of shapes and forms making the impression of gestural representation, obscuring figuration, fragmentation and fractured imagery to encapsulate a more comprehensive narrative. I try to make sense of what I make at the point I feel satisfied. I begin to learn from a finished piece I did not plan because my creative process is that which is led by intuition. I look for key lines and forms that reveal themselves to me. I begin to think and reflect. I begin to learn from what I thought I knew, and it is never conclusive. The lack of planning before-hand has led to so many good pieces, and at the same time, condemns what started as a good painting.